SMD 2835 LED Strip Light 12V Constant Voltage LED Strip

  • Great scope of design options due to long and flexible LED strips
  • Easy installation, no tools required for connection
  • Easy mounting on many smooth surfaces thanks to self-adhesive tape
  • Maximum flexibility due to large range of accessories
  • Simple connection thanks to integrated cables on both sides

NO. Model Voltage CCT CRI LM/M,lm/LED W/M,W/Group PCS/M、PCS/Group Min cutting
PCB Max Size
1 CL-2835XW030HY12-W08 DC12V 2700-6500K Ra>80 210LM/M、20-24LM 2.3W/M、0.23W/Group 30LED/M、3PCS/Group 100mm W:8mm*T:0.25mm*5m
2 CL-2835XW060HY12-W08 DC12V 2700-6500K Ra>80 420LM/M、20-24LM 4.5W/M、0.225W/Group 60LED/M、3PCS/Group 50mm W:8mm*T:0.25mm*5m
3 CL-2835XW060HY24-W08 DC24V 2700-6500K Ra>80 420LM/M、20-24LM 4.5W/M、0.45W/Group 60LED/M、6PCS/Group 100mm W:8mm*T:0.25mm*5m
4 CL-2835XW120HY12-W08 DC12V 2700-6500K Ra>80 850LM/M、20-24LM 9W/M、0.225W/Group 120LED/M、3PCS/Group 25mm W:8mm*T:0.25mm*5m
5 CL-2835XW120HY24-W08 DC24V 2700-6500K Ra>80 850LM/M、20-24LM 9W/M、0.45W/Group 120LED/M、6PCS/Group 50mm W:8mm*T:0.25mm*5m
6 CL-2835XW060HY12-W10 DC12V 2700-6500K Ra>80 720LM/M、22-24LM 8W/M、0.4W/Group 60LED/M、3PCS/Group 50mm W:10mm*T:0.25mm*5m
7 CL-2835XW060HY24-W10 DC24V 2700-6500K Ra>80 720LM/M、22-24LM 8W/M、0.8W/Group 60LED/M、6PCS/Group 100mm W:10mm*T:0.25mm*5m
8 CL-2835XW120HY12-W10 DC12V 2700-6500K Ra>80 1080LM/M、22-24LM 12W/M、0.3W/Group 120LED/M、3PCS/Group 25mm W:10mm*T:0.25mm*5m
9 CL-2835XW120HY24-W10 DC24V 2700-6500K Ra>80 1080LM/M、22-24LM 12W/M、0.6W/Group 120LED/M、6PCS/Group 50mm W:10mm*T:0.25mm*5m
10 CL-2835XW240HY24-W10 DC24V 2700-6500K Ra>80 1600LM/M、22-24LM 18W/M、0.45W/Group 240LED/M、6PCS/Group 25mm W:10mm*T:0.25mm*5m
11 CL-2835XW120HY24-W15(1 row) DC24V 2700-6500K Ra>80 1400LM/M、22-24LM 16W/M、0.8W/Group 120LED/M、6PCS/Group 50mm W:15mm*T:0.25mm*5m
12 L-2835XW120HY12-W15(2 rows) DC12V 2700-6500K Ra>80 1440LM/M、22-24LM 16W/M、0.8W/Group 120LED/M、6PCS/Group 50mm W:15mm*T:0.25mm*5m
13 CL-2835XW144HY24-W15 DC24V 2700-6500K Ra>80 1800LM/M、22-24LM 20W/M、0.833W/Group 144LED/M、6PCS/Group 41.7mm W:15mm*T:0.25mm*5m
14 CL-2835XW192HY24-W30(3 rows) DC24V 2700-6500K Ra>80 3800LM/M、22-24LM 45W/M、1.4W/Group 192LED/M、6PCS/Group 31.25mm W:36mm*T:0.25mm*5m
15 CL-2835XW240HY24-W50(4 rows) DC24V 2700-6500K Ra>80 4800LM/M、22-24LM 55W/M 2.75W/Group 240LED/M、12PCS/Group 50mm W:58mm*T:0.25mm*5m


Safety instructions:
1. Installation must comply with local and international electrical safety instructions.
2. In order to ensure safe and correct installation, the installing person must be a qualified electrician with a license.
3. The installation should comply with CB & GS standard, come with class II DC constant voltage LED power supply.
4. Do not install the strip under an overheat environment.
5. The LED strip must be installed carefully. Excessive operation, bending and extrusion may damage the product and cause warranty invalid.
6. Do not install the non-waterproof strip outdoor or in damp environment. (You can choose right product refer to the "waterproof instruction" in the
content) Please use the certified cables which rated at 80 degree celsius that can connected to an external electrical device.
8. Do make sure that the cables used between the power supply, LEDs and any dimmer are of standard size. Please calculate the voltage drop
and the maximum rated current when selecting the cables. It will cause the cable overheat and burned if select improper cables and installation.
9. Please do not replace the products other than this instruction, otherwise the warranty will be invalid.
10. We reserve the right to change and optimize the product design without notice. Our sales person will note you once the product have any
updated or optimized.
11. Although we have try our best to ensure the consistency of color for every order, we cannot guarantee the subsequent orders or product
replacement perfect match the historic lamps that already installed due to the change of technology and concept like the change on product
appearance, CCT or lumen output etc.


SMD 2835 LED Strip Light 12V Constant Voltage LED Strip
SMD 2835 LED Strip Light 12V Constant Voltage LED Strip
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