Motion Sensor Cabinet Light

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  •  Elegant design, fish scale PC cover
  •  Free choice between constant light and auto sensing mode
  •  Integrated dual sensing of PIR sensor and light sensor
  •  Auto light up when people come close it, intelligent control, no need manual operation
  •  Auto light off 20s after no human movement was detected
  •  Adopt high CRI LEDs as light source, deliver soft and uniform light
  •  High precision Fresnel lens, 5 meters sensing distance within 120 degrees of angle
  •  Adopt common AA batteries, energy saving and long working hours
  •  The battery cover slides up and down for easy installation and removal
  •  Plug and play, no need any wiring, widely applications

Installation instruction

cabinet light insert battery■Open the battery cover in the direction of the arrow, load 3 or 6 AA
batteries correctly in the battery compartment according to the
directions shown.
■Turn the toggle switch to the steady position to check whether the
light is on. After the light is on, align the battery cover with the
bottom shell and load it into the bottom shell in the opposite
direction of taken out.
■Select the cabinet light install position, according to the battery
cover hanging hole spacing in the appropriate position to install two
■Put the side of cabinet light toggle switch outward, align the battery
cover hanging hole with the screws and snap-in, and it is done if
not loose.




User manual

cabinet light on/off key■Select AUTO sensing mode, when people is 5 meters away from
the cabinet light within 120° of angle, the cabinet light will
automatically light up, when no people movement was detected
within 25s±8s, the LED light will automatically turn off.
■Select ON mode, the cabinet light will be on a steady lighting
■If you want to turn off the cabinet light, please select OFF.
Please replace with new batteries when the light is weak or not
light up.








widely used for lighting in kitchen, closet, the edge of bed, entryway, stairs, corridor,
storage room and locker room etc.


Model No. YDRTB6-C1
Surface processing technology White material with fine lines
Dimension 294x55x20mm
Working voltage 4.5V
Rated power 266mA
Battery type 3 AA dry batteries or 6 AA dry batteries
Working mode OFF、Steady light、Auto sensor
LEDs type 2835
CCT 4000K
Lumens 120Lm
Optical lens  Fresnel lensΦ14mm
Sensing distance <5m
Detection angle 0-120°
Working environmen -20–40℃


Motion Sensor Cabinet Light
Motion Sensor Cabinet Light
CL Lighting
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