HIGH CRI 90 SMD 2835 Flex LED Strip Light

Our 2835 SMD LED strip series have CRI95+,it is high brightness LED Strip, Thus, it is an ideal solution for retail and other commercial applications needing maximum brightness to highlight features.Different types of 2835 SMD LED strips for options :60LEDs/m, 120LEDs/m, 240LEDs/m flexible 2835 led strip light. Customized design is warmly welcome, we can realize it according to our customer’s requirements

  • Great scope of design options due to long and flexible LED strips
  • Easy installation, no tools required for connection
  • Easy mounting on many smooth surfaces thanks to self-adhesive tape
  • Maximum flexibility due to large range of accessories
  • Simple connection thanks to integrated cables on both sides

Model Voltage CCT CRI LM/M,lm/LED W/M,W/Group PCS/M、PCS/Group Min cutting
PCB Max Size
CL-2835XW030HY12-W08 DC12V 2700-6500K 90 190LM/M 24-26LM 2.3W/M、0.23W/Group 30LED/M、3PCS/Group 100mm W:8mm*T:0.25mm*5000mm
CL-2835XW060HY12-W08 DC12V 2700-6500K 90 380LM/M 24-26LM 4.5W/M、0.225W/Group 60LED/M、3PCS/Group 50mm W:8mm*T:0.25mm*5000mm
CL-2835XW060HY24-W08 DC24V 2700-6500K 90 380LM/M 24-26LM 4.5W/M、0.45W/Group 60LED/M、6PCS/Group 100mm W:8mm*T:0.25mm*5000mm
CL-2835XW120HY12-W08 DC12V 2700-6500K 90 780LM/M 24-26LM 9W/M、0.225W/Group 120LED/M、3PCS/Group 25mm W:8mm*T:0.25mm*5000mm
CL-2835XW120HY24-W08 DC24V 2700-6500K 90 780LM/M 24-26LM 9W/M、0.45W/Group 120LED/M、6PCS/Group 50mm W:8mm*T:0.25mm*5000mm
CL-2835XW060HY12-W10 DC12V 2700-6500K 90 680LM/M 24-26LM 8W/M、0.4W/Group 60LED/M、3PCS/Group 50mm W:10mm*T:0.25mm*5000mm
CL-2835XW060HY24-W10 DC24V 2700-6500K 90 680LM/M 24-26LM 8W/M、0.8W/Group 60LED/M、6PCS/Group 100mm W:10mm*T:0.25mm*5000mm
CL-2835XW120HY12-W10 DC12V 2700-6500K 90 1020LM/M 24-26LM 12W/M、0.3W/Group 120LED/M、3PCS/Group 25mm W:10mm*T:0.25mm*5000mm
CL-2835XW120HY24-W10 DC24V 2700-6500K 90 1020LM/M 24-26LM 12W/M、0.6W/Group 120LED/M、6PCS/Group 50mm W:10mm*T:0.25mm*5000mm
CL-2835XW240HY24-W10 DC24V 2700-6500K 90 1600LM/M 24-26LM 18W/M、0.45W/Group 240LED/M、6PCS/Group 25mm W:10mm*T:0.25mm*5000mm
CL-2835XW120HY24-W15(1 row) DC24V 2700-6500K 90 1400LM/M 24-26LM 16W/M、0.8W/Group 120LED/M、6PCS/Group 50mm W:15mm*T:0.25mm*5000mm
L-2835XW120HY12-W15(2 rows
DC12V 2700-6500K 90 1400LM/M 24-26LM 16W/M、0.8W/Group 120LED/M、6PCS/Group 50mm W:15mm*T:0.25mm*5000mm
CL-2835XW144HY24-W15 DC24V 2700-6500K 90 1800LM/M 24-26LM 20W/M、0.833W/Group 144LED/M、6PCS/Group 41.7mm W:15mm*T:0.25mm*5000mm
CL-2835XW192HY24-W30 (3 rows) DC24V 2700-6500K 90 3800LM/M 24-26LM 45W/M、1.4W/Group 192LED/M、6PCS/Group 31.25mm W:36mm*T:0.25mm*5000mm
CL-2835XW240HY24-W50 (4 rows) DC24V 2700-6500K 90 4500LM/M 24-26LM 55W/M 2.75W/Group 240LED/M、12PCS/Group 50mm W:58mm*T:0.25mm*5000mm


HIGH CRI 90 SMD 2835 Flex LED Strip Light
HIGH CRI 90 SMD 2835 Flex LED Strip Light
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